Online Deposits or Other Advance Payments

This web page can only be used for the payment of deposits over the web to Durham University. This web page is intended for
prospective students to make any necessary deposit or other payments in advance of commencing study at Durham University. Full
information of payment methods available once study has commenced will be provided as part of the induction process.

Durham University cannot accept payment of tuition fees or accommodation over the web at this time. You are not expected to pay your
tuition fees or accommodation until you arrive in Durham.

In order to check that you have been offered a place at Durham University and calculate the deposits required, we need you to provide your
Student ID number and also either the email address which you have already provided to the University or your date of birth.

Your Student ID number is a nine digit number which can be
found on your offer letter (e.g. 001234567)

If you have already provided an email address to the University
as part of the application process, please enter it here.

  • (In the format DD-MM-YYYY e.g 17-06-1985)
  • Please click the purple ribbon to toggle between month and year.

If you have not provided us with an email address, please
enter your date of birth here.