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In this portal you can set up, manage and make payments for events and other products and services at Durham University.

Study Tours

Business School
Study Tours

If you have been offered a place on a Durham University Business School Study Tour, please secure your place here by providing the payment of the study tour application fee.

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Campus Card

In the event that your campus card has been lost/stolen, you need to take action quickly – being without one restricts your access to key buildings around the campus. You can order a replacement here.

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Colleges and
Common Rooms

You can view and make College & Common Room membership and other optional payments, and view and book on College Events here.

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Direct Debits

This web page is intended for all students to be able to set up a direct debit instruction to pay their University Tuition or Accommodation charges.

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Event Durham

You can view and book a range of Durham University academic conferences and other events here.

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Languages For All

You can view our range of courses and other language services currently available here.

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Library Payments

You can view and pay any library fines or charges associated with your account here.

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Optional College Payments

Here you can purchase additional College products / services. Please note: these are optional.

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PG Admissions
Application Fee

This web page is intended for Post Graduate applicants to pay the application fee which is required for some Masters programmes at Durham University.

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Print Credit Purchase

You can purchase print credit, check your print credit balance and check your printing statement here.

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Student Advanced Payments

This web page is intended for prospective students to make any necessary deposit or other payments in advance of commencing study at Durham University.

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Durham University Document Store

Official documents and letters for past and present students of Durham University can be purchased here.

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