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John Snow College

Here you canpurchase your gown. You will also be able to buy this when you arrive, butpurchasing in advance means we will be able to give you this item upon arrival, removing any extra stress for the on move in day! You will need to buy a gown regardless of whether you choose topurchase the JCR Levy. Your gown will be used throughout your three-four years at Durham including Matriculation, Formals and College Dinners.  


This listing is for those who havepurchased the JCR Levy and are entitled to the JCR Member gown price.  


If you are unsure about gown sizing, please leave this blank in Optional Information, as our team of Freshers’ Representatives will help you find the correct size when you collect your gown on Move in Day. 

John Snow College Gowns - JCR member

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