Hild Bede - Alumni Association

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College of St Hild and St Bede
Hild Bede - Alumni Association

Hild Bede Alumni Association Membership (£30 payable in 1st year only)
Joining the College of St Hild and St Bede gives you the opportunity to become part of a global community of 17,000 alumni. Its network connects you to people, events and news about your College now and in the years after you complete your studies. The Hild Bede Alumni Association is the association for alumni of the College of St Hild and St Bede and its parent colleges (the College of the Venerable Bede and St Hild’s College). We invite all new students of the College to become members of the Association. The membership fee, paid once only, lasts a lifetime.
Members of the Association are also, by the payment of an additional fee (currently £15), able to take out Premier Membership of the Association. This will entitle them to a reduction on the cost of attending Association events both in Durham and elsewhere.
The Association exists to enable alumni to maintain links with the College(s) and with each other; to support the academic and social development of the current students of the College; and to encourage events in pursuance of the above.
The rights and benefits of membership of the Association include:
· Receipt of electronic versions of the Association's annual publications (hard copy is available for a small additional annual fee);
· Voting rights at Association meetings and elections;
· Eligibility to run for Association positions;
· Access to events organised by the Association, in Durham and elsewhere.


Hild Bede - Alumni Association

Amount: £30.00


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