Freshers Week 2023 Charge (Undergraduates Students Only)

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St Mary's College
St Mary's College JCR Induction 2023.

St Mary's College Junior Common Room (JCR) is organising various events during induction Week (24th September to 1st October 2023 for JCR Members) which include tours of St Mary's, Durham City and local places of interest, as well as nights out and College nights in.  Details of JCR induction activities can be found on the JCR Facebook page, the @stmarysfreshers23 instagram and on the JCR website.  These JCR-organised events are designed to help you meet other students and get settled in St Mary's College and Durham University.  The cost of participating int he JCR Induction Week activities is £37. Please be aware that some activities are outside of College and may incur a small additional charge.

If you are eligible for a St Mary's Bursary (Scholarships - Durham University) please use this booking form.   When you reach the payment section, select "Internal Trading" and use the details below to complete the form without charge:

Finance Contact Name:  St Mary's Finance Office

Finance Contract Email

Cost Centre:  St Mary's Bursary

Name of Budget Officer who has approved this amount:  Susan Noble

Email address of Budget Officer who has approved this spend:

The information provided on this form will be passed to the JCR so that they can prepare for your arrival, plan induction week activities and communicate directly with you about JCR activity.

Freshers Week 2023 Charge (Undergraduates Students Only)

Amount: £37.00


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