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INCSA 2024 - Call for Abstracts. How do we understand the nineteenth century from different disciplinary perspectives? Where in the world do we continue to see its reach? What are its legacies today? (Maximum length 300 words)

For its inaugural conference, INCSA invites proposals for presentations, papers, panels, and performances that explore the nineteenth century in its past, present, and future manifestations. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Systemic risk: pandemics, climate change, biodiversity loss
  • Evidence: material, textual, visual, auditory
  • Collecting knowledge: archives, libraries, museums
  • Displaying knowledge: cartography, fine art, graphic art, architecture
  • Cultural thefts, restitution, reparation, and repatriation
  • Indigenous epistemologies
  • Indigenous rights
  • Colonial and imperial epistemologies
  • Nationalisms and internationalisms
  • Historical facts and fictions
  • Diasporas and migrations
  • Deep time
  • Historical time
  • Literary mediations: historical novels, contemporary epics, poetic (in)justice
  • Cinematic mediations: costume dramas, (post)modern interpretations
  • Technologies of vision and measurement
  • Individual vs collective perspectives
  • Centre and periphery: geographical, intellectual, political
  • Normativity, deviance, transgression