Van Mildert College MCR Membership 23-24

calendarWednesday, 20 September 2023 to Friday, 21 June 2024
Van Mildert College

Van Mildert College MCR Membership

At Durham University, as well as a number of other prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, students are organised into common rooms depending on the academic degree they are pursuing. The Van Mildert College Middle Common Room (MCR) is the common room for postgraduate students affiliated to Van Mildert College. The student body of the MCR includes Masters, PGCE, and Ph.D. students both living in and out of college. The primary aim of the MCR is to represent the postgraduate community of the college and provide a friendly and supportive environment for postgraduate students within the college during their time in Durham.

MCR membership fees are used to run and maintain the MCR. Your MCR membership allows you to take part in our vibrant community, utilize the MCR facilities, and enrich your experience at Mildert and Durham University. Members of the MCR have access to a wide variety of facilities, privileges, and events. The facilities include the MCR Common Room (Bankside Room), a space for all MCR members to meet and socialise; and priority in sitting on High Table during the college’s Formal Dinners.

Members of the MCR also automatically become members of the Van Mildert College Junior Common Room (JCR), the common room for undergraduate students. Through their membership of the JCR, MCR members can: • Attend events organised by JCR in college and, in some cases, receive preferential sign-up; • Get involved with college societies and sports teams; • Vote in MCR/JCR elections and stand for elected office; • Represent the MCR/JCR on college committees and through taking on unelected roles and supporting or organising MCR activity; • Make use of MCR and JCR equipment (musical instruments, sports, tech etc) and facilities.

The MCR is the community of postgraduates run by students for students. We very much hope you will all join and make the most of what the MCR has to offer!

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