John Snow College JCR Membership '23

calendarFriday, 08 September 2023 to Friday, 29 March 2024
John Snow College
Junior Common Room Membership (Levy)

Welcome to John Snow College! Today you start the next chapter of your lives. You have all worked extremely hard to get to Durham University and we're so happy to have you join us in John Snow. Through this site you can now choose to opt-into our JCR Levy. If you are not sure what the Levy is, or what it is for, all the information can be found on the John Snow JCR website (

JCR stands for Junior Common Room, each college has its own JCR. The JCR is at the heart of the college and its role is to ensure that undergraduates are receiving the best student experience possible. Members of the JCR are able to access subsidised tickets for events (including balls and Snow Day), discounts on their gown, hire JCR assets (including GoPro’s, cameras, event supplies and gaming equipment), play in sports teams, join or create societies and even run for leadership positions within college.

In order to operate the JCR charges all its students a one off payment which covers your entire time here at John Snow College. The JCR then invests all monies collected back into the Junior Common Room through event subsidies, resource refurbishment or the development of services and provisions. Students typically find that the the JCR Levy will have “paid for itself” after an academic year at John Snow College.

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