Grey College MCR Membership 23-24

calendarSaturday, 09 September 2023 to Sunday, 31 December 2023
Grey College
Membership of the Middle Common Room of postgraduate students for one year

The Middle Common Room Levy (membership fee) is £60 per year, and upon joining you'll be a member of a community of around 100 postgraduates in the College, and able to fully partipate in its wider academic and social life. The MCR is run by students for students, and whilst membership is optional we strongly encourage all students to join to make the most of their time at Durham.  The levy goes towards subsidising the running of the MCR and its activities.  Not opting into the charge means that you will not be entitled to take part in these activities or will be subject to an additional charge per event where non-members are invited. Additionally, members of the MCR also benefit from automatic membership of the undergraduate Common Room, the JCR, whose benefits have been given above.

Benefits include:

  • Join sports clubs, free at the point of entry (note the boat club has an additional charge to cover insurance) allowing participation in practices and matches, and the right to stand for office of the club. Non-members can only participate in a sports team if they pay a yearly joining fee for each team they wish to be part of.
  • Join practices, performances (or equivalent) and meetings of college societies and clubs, including the right to stand for office of the society/club. Non-members can only participate if they pay a yearly joining fee for each club/society they wish to be part of.
  • Vote at MCR  (and JCR) meetings, and stand for elected office.
  • Represent the MCR on college committees, and through taking on unelected roles supporting and organising MCR activity;
  • Priority booking period along with the payment of preferential members’ rates to events organised by the Common Rooms (including Balls, Formal Dinners etc.).
  • Access the use of  MCR and JCR equipment (musical instruments, sports, tech).
  • Preferential rate on membership of the recently refurbished and enlarged College gym.

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