FILMSOC Alumni Screening 18 November 2023

calendarSaturday, 18 November 2023 to Saturday, 18 November 2023
College of St Hild and St Bede
You are all welcome to join us for a very special alumni event provided to you by Bede Film Soc

For one night, the Joachim Room will transform itself into a cinema and you are all very welcome to attend this special event, brought to you by Bede Film Soc.

The evening will consist of a special presentation about the Society’s history, followed by talks given by past Bede Film Soc Exec members about the Society's influence on themand finally there will be a screening of a heart-warming film called Cinema Paradiso.

This is a free event but if you would like to help support the work of Bede Film Soc, donations are very welcome. The Film Soc have had a challenging financial year due to having to move off site as the preparation for the work on the College estate was due to begin, now pushed to September 2024. Five films are shown per term, and they are planning their finances for the next 2 years. Your donation will go to either payments for purchasing film licenses, for the DVD’s or Blue Rays, and/or to publicise the screening. For the years ahead, to help ensure that they are financially secure in the period in which the estate is refurbished and developed, will cost roughly £5000 for the next two years. Some of this cost will be met from ticket sales, but they will need your help at this point in their history.

From Thomas, Film Soc President.

If the Film Society sounds like a student activity you would be interested in supporting, please get in touch and come along to this event! We are really excited to spread the word of our great Society and keep our affordable cinematic experience for students going for years to come.To those of you that donate £10 or more will be awarded Bede Film Soc Membership for Life. This will allow you to get 1/3 off every ticket to our screenings in the future, to thank you for your kind support towards the Society!

FILMSOC Alumni Screening 18 November 2023
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